Your body is your temple, and Aesthetic Solutions helps you to gracefully craft and condition it into the image you have always wanted.

The clinic combines medical expertise with modern technology to achieve its’ results. With the understanding  that each individual is unique, we offer tailor made treatments for each client to best meet their needs.

Aesthetic Solutions offers a  diverse range of services from acne treatments to tattoo removal and laser based procedures. For a full  list of our varied treatments, please visit the Treatment page.

All treatment is completely safe and provides the best outcome possible.

We strive to offer the best with staff that is excellently trained in all the procedures; with Botox and skin polishing as some of their specialties.

Aesthetic Solutions values the privacy of its clients and provides an entirely personalized and professional service package.

Visit the best beauty park around!

Best options for clients which are appropriate to their desired result and affordable.

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