Dandruff Care / Hair Fall

There are numerous causes of dandruff. It is often an amalgamation of various factors such as stress, dry air from sitting in A/C all day long, the wrong care or climatic changes which irritate the skin and scalp and can alter their environment. Genetic predisposition may also be one of the reasons for excessive skin cell regeneration. Which results in an unattractive fall onto clothes and shoulders. This is a very known form of temporary dandruff. Usually irritating, but quite harmless, more than a medical issue it is a cosmetic issue. However, we all want to get rid of it as soon as possible. And incidentally, it effects all people, irrespective of gender or age. 

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff refers to the fine, white flakes that come off your scalp, though other symptoms include scalp itching and even redness. This happens because of a particular type of yeast that lives on the scalp known as Malassezia ovalis. Some people are especially sensitive to this yeast, and that reaction can cause both inflammation and an excessive growth of skin cells. Those extra skin cells then stick together and fall off as flakes. And the inevitable itchiness that can come with it and this scratching only causes more inflammation and makes it worse. 

How can one get rid of Dandruff?

There are plenty of home remedies which can be done but as a skin specialist we don’t recommend against it since it is always better to get your scalp checked and take actions after that. We at Aesthetic Solutions first do a thorough scalp analysis with the help of Chowis Scalp analyser. After the examination, once we confirm if it is dandruff and not any other scalp disorders then we suggest a few sessions of Hair Meso peel by Theraderm depending on the severity of the dandruff to eradicate the dandruff. Hair Meso peel helps in exfoliating and clarifying the pores which then helps in improving the health of the scalp.