Vacation comes with fun…party and lot of traveling… Most of us plan to
celebrate our vacation on nice beaches,thrilling hills or some pleasant place .
but traveling sucks whether it is done by train, bus or plane. With harsh sunny
atmosphere our plan of relaxing summer vacation becomes snatched due to
frustrating sun marks and darker skin pigmentation. You can’t escape these
harsh condition while traveling to exotic destination but you can minimize the
effects of these elements by upgrading your skincare regimen while you are
traveling. Even short term exposure of these exotic climate conditions can
cause long lasting damage to your skin.
Be attractive this summer following some beauty hacks …………..

Avoid sunburn
don’t forget to apply sunscreen 20 minute before you step out for sightseeing.
Sun is the most worrisome factor for summer vacations . Over exposure of sun
can cause tanning, wrinkles and sunburn on your skin .
Pamper your feet
Sight seeing and walking along a beach bare footed can cause damage to your
pedicure. Exfoliate and moisturize your feet daily while you are on visit. Every
time you get the time you should cleanse and take care of your feet.
Cleanse your skin frequently
During holidays we spend a lot of time outside visiting various places and
locations. our skin is exposed to pollution and other harmful element during
outing. It is very essential to clean our skin to avoid black spots, break out and
other skin ailments. Cleansing of skin became more essential during vacations
because during this period get in touch of may unwanted stuff ranging from
dust, bacteria.

Use gentle Face cream and Serum
During vacations exfoliation of skin should have to be your top most priority.
Serum that contain lactic, glycolic or salicylic acid can be really good for your
skin. Facial scrub should have to be part of daily beauty regimen. Black peel
exfoliates your skin and remove dust from the clogged pores of your skin.
Touch no more…..
While in holidays your hand get in touch of so many stuffs that contains
harmful bacteria. When you touch your face with your hand, these bacteria and
harmful substances get in contact of your skin and cause irritation.
Dark Circles can block your selfie !
Dark circles under eyes are another beauty nightmare associated with traveling
and holidays. Never forget to carry a under eye cream. It would be helpful in
prevent your eye getting puffy and fine line from appearing. INNO eye peel is
unique way to fight against fine wrinkle and pigmentation caused due to
summer heat.
Enjoy your silky hair
Hair care should have to be your topmost priority. Taking good care of your hair
is mandatory because it is the worse effected part of your body to various
hazards while roaming outside. A good quality shampoo and conditioner must
have to be part of your travel beauty regimen.
Prepare your Personal Beauty-Bag
Every time you go to trip and holiday make a list of beauty product that you will
require for your trip. It is always to have your beauty essentials with you while
going out for a long essential care for your skin ….

  1. Foundation can make your skin look dry during travel so don’t use
  2. Moisturizer can be a good replacement for foundation.
  3. Concealer like BB cream with SPF minimizes the darker areas and hide the
    dark circles under your eyes and face also protect from UVB rays.
    4.Fairness cream containing glycolic acid, lactic acid, retinol like INNO
    whitening peel are helpful for the basic care regimen.
  4. Lipsticks are not good for vacations. Long lasting lipstick make you lip dry.
    Lip balm with SPF is best for beauty treatment during vacations.
    6.During parties we all tend to wear makeup, sometime it became really hard
    to remove it from your face. Makeup wipes need immediate space in your make
    up kit.
    7.You should carry your own hand sanitizer with you.

While at vacation skin care should have to be your top priority. Vacations are
all about joy and fun so get prepare yourself with proper skin care through
chemical peel and laser, for more queries visit nearby skin expert for skin
irregularities, tanning and pigmentation problem.

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