Monsoon hacks for skin care …Be beautiful ..


After non-bearing harsh heat of the sun, that dull skin and sunburns, sweaty summer days ,Monsoon comes as a sign of ease from prickly heat . But what about the tons of infections, it gets along with it due to humid and damp weather.well its unavoidable. Every season comes with some pleasurable facts and some awful effect and upto us to embracing it and make the best use of it. During the monsoon season, the humidity level intensify causing a host of beauty related misery. Monsoon  triggers excessive oil secretion in the body and leads to itching which may further causes skin and hair related issues including disorders as well as fungal and bacterial infections.
 factors which can aggravate  skin problems during monsoon are:

  • Wearing tight synthetic clothes will similarly not allow the skin to breathe or the sweat to sock out.
  • Not maintaining proper hygiene like daily baths and regular washing of the feet and keeping them dry.
  • Wearing shoes and socks regularly for many hours subjects the feet to being occluded and to moist, sweaty and warm conditions.
  • Exposing the hands and feet constantly to water.
  • Shoes and socks made of non-breathable synthetic material would not absorb the sweat properly and result in sweat retention in the skin of the feet.
  • Obesity, Diabetes or other Immuno-compromised conditions, skin-to-skin contact or sharing of clothes with anyone having skin problems will increase the risks.


Which are prone area for skin irritation in monsoon ?

Skin folds like elbow ,groin or armpit are more commonly then  feet suffer from irritation and itchy rash due to humid weather . The infection can even spread to others either by skin contact or through shared things like towels,cloth or make up product,etc.

How do we prevent these ?

  • Avoid sharing of clothes or towels.
  • For excessive sweating ,don’t use anti-perspirant lotions till skin is irritated.
  • Maintain regular proper hygiene and keep skin fold area dry by using anti-fungal powder to absorb the sweat.
  • Wear open footwear like chappals of breathable material, cotton socks and loose cotton clothes.
  • All affected individuals in the family having fungal infection should take treatment at the same time to avoid transferring their infection to one another.
  • Anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medicines prescribed by the Dermatologist need to be followed for the entire course for full resolution of infection and to decrease the risk of recurrence.


Most common skin problems in monsoon ?

People are more allergic to infections during this season due to excessive dehydration, sweating ,humidity and ultra rays of sun of course. People must avoid getting drenched in rainy water and should always carry an umbrella. Even when they are drenched, they must immediately they should wash with normal water and make skin dry and apply good moisturiser .


patchy uneven skin:


Hyperpigmentation is common problem during monsoon due to photo toxic effect of sun ,as people not taking proper precaution from sun heat . skin seems to be more dry and dull. Apply good spf sunscreen  and moisturiser to heal the skin from irritation .



it is common and is usually treatable. You may need treatment for several months to clear spots. Inflamed acne needs to be treated early to prevent scarring. Once the spots are gone, you may need maintenance treatment for several years to keep the spots away. chemical peel is a technique used to enhance skin texture and rejuvenate skin .different chemical peels available with various concentration depending upon skin condition. Chemical solution exfoliates superficial dead skin layer and makes skin smooth . kojic acid ,lactic acid ,glycolic peel are commonly indicated for dull skin, pigmented skin.salicylic acid or black peel are most suitable in acne prone skin .

Dull , dry skin

Our skin loses natural shine and lusture due to continues exposer of dust, sun rays, pollution, humid rainy season and other factors .skin roughness and dullness can prevent through exfoliating skin at regular interval . Skin exfoliation with regular interval boost lymphatic drainage of skin .skin polishing or microdermabrasion with machine helps to remove dead skin layer with gentle vacuum and crystal.

So pamper your skin with precautionary measure and enjoy this monsoon with glowing skin rather  than dull, rough ,sensitive skin. For any more queries visit your clinic.

Rain Bring greenery ……equally brought beauty in your skin also …..

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