In a world where we are increasingly aware of what we eat, it's no surprise that we are equally
aware of the ingredients in our skincare and what we put on our face. You don’t need to be an
expert to know which product ingredients are good and which are bad? Anyone who's skincare-
aware will recognise one of the biggest names on the list: Parabens.
What are Parabens?
Parabens are synthetically produced chemical (Para-hydroxybenzoic acid), which is commonly used
as a preservative in many health and beauty products. Parabens are added to products to help in
protecting them from broad range of microorganisms and to prevent the growth of bacteria.
Why are they harmful?
Research says that chemicals like Paraben tend to interfere with body’s hormones particularly
reproductive hormones. Paraben is said to mimic oestrogen which can lead to an increase in the
growth of breast cancer cells. Other possible health risk includes developmental disorder and
fertility. Paraben can be stored in the body resulting in cumulative effect that can damage health
over time.
Possible side-effects
There are numerous side effects that you should be aware of when the time comes. You want to
make sure that you’re making the most out of what is being provided. Skin can become:
• Dry
• Brittle
• Cracked
• Swollen
• Have a rash
• Allergic reaction – Burning of skin, Blisters and skin inflammation/irritation
• Premature ageing
There are alternatives
If you are looking to steer clear of products that contain parabens, try TUBELiTE it is a paraben-free
product with nine natural ingredients for spotless and glowing skin. Make an educated decision
about what you put on your skin.

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