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Hair loss is one of the most widely faced problems in today’s era. Though it is
a natural phenomenon, but it can lead to unfortunate consequences if it is
excessive. This is why it often goes untreated as it is yet not considered as a
Losing 80-100 hairs, on an average is acceptable. However, if its double, it
definitely becomes a question of concern.

Causes of hair loss:
There are a number of causes of hair loss. To list some:
I. Stress
II. Change in hormones in medical conditions like polycystic ovary
syndrome, thyroid etc
III. Pregnancy
IV. Scalp infections such as ringworm or fungal infections
V. Exposure to strong sunlight
VI. Smoking
VII. Nutritional deficiencies like Vitamin b deficiency
VIII. Male pattern baldness
IX. Female pattern baldness
X. autoimmune disorder
XI. Ageing

Symptoms of hairloss:
o Excessive hair loss (more than 150 hairs a day)
o Thinning of hair on the head, especially scalp
o A receding hairline
o Excessive hair loss while shampooing
o Clumps of hair on your pillow


We at Aesthetics Solutions, offer a variety of effective and result oriented
o HAIR PRP-platelet rich plasma therapy for treating hair loss and indicated
for hair regrowth and repair.
o INNO HAIR REVIVAL-we infuse various hair supplements like
aminophylline, glutathione, peptides, adenosine, zinc etc. into scalp either
by injections or with derma roller.
These ingredients increase the micro-circulation and inhibit the 5-alpha
reductase activity, an enzyme responsible for hair loss

o BIOCELL HAIR SERUM-It is a regenerative medicine that utilizes body’s
own stem cells and chemical messenger of cytokines to repair tissue.
Richly concentrated with eight different kinds of growth factors compared
to only four in PRP.
o LASER HELMETS-it increases the microcirculation by the bio stimulation
distributing nutrition and oxygen to the roots.
o ORAL SUPPLEMENTS-along with the treatments, we also provide oral
tablets rich in folic acid, green tea extract, ferritin etc. for nutritional
o HAIR TRANSPLANT-it is a surgical technique mainly to treat male pattern
baldness wherein hair follicles are removed from one part of the
body(donor area) to the balding part of the body( recipient area)

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