Understanding Different Types of Lasers and Their Functions

Understanding Different Types of Lasers and Their Functions

Lasers for Pigmentation

Pigmentation is a widely faced skin phenomenon. To simplify, those dark patches on your skin, marring your self-esteem, are caused by an increased production of melanin in your skin.Sun exposure, birth control pills and changes in hormones are the common causes for pigmentation.
Below are the lasers listed to help solve the issue of pigmentation and tattoo removal.

Makes use of photothermal pulses that heats the skin and surrounding tissuesMakes use of photomechanical technology to shatter the tattoo and melanin particles
The lasers pulse the targeted area in nanoseconds to heat the ink underneath. But it needs a greater number of sessions.Small particles are easily absorbed by the body in picoseconds. Hence less time and sessions required to clear the tattoo and pigmentation
Adequate recovery time Shorter recovery time than q-switch
Cannot target the stubborn blue and green ink Can easily remove even the blue and green ink and even the previously laser treated area
Painful Less pain
Nanosecond laserLaser pulse is 100xfaster than the standard nanosecond laser

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